The man who got the second chance, ex-Yale football stud Dez Duron, battled against Paulina, the girl with the voice who reminds us of Ariel from 'The Little Mermaid,' for Team Christina on 'The Voice.'

Aguilera chose 'Just the Way You Are' by Bruno Mars, and from the very beginning she offered clear critiques that would sway the competition once the battle round began. Duron was over-pronouncing his words, whereas Paulina was busy ad-libbing, something Aguilera was against.

During final rehearsals, Paulina still continued to have her own way with the words, something she should seriously have considered holding back on doing since she's not as stellar as she thinks she is. Perhaps coach Aguilera rubbed off on her a tiny bit.

From the get go, Duron owned the battle: his vocals were strong, clear and had improved greatly since rehearsals, but it was as if Paulina took everything Aguilera gave her and threw it out the window. She had her way with the words ... again; there were too many runs and she was more inconsistent than he was during the performance. Duron was the one who came the longest way improvement wise, and a coach deserves a charge who'll listen to him or her.

Rightfully (and wisely), Aguilera made the right choice in picking Duron, sending our little Ariel off to a land under the sea.