The adoooorable, handsome, wanna take home to our mama Dez Duron had the sweet spot on 'The Voice' tonight. That means he closed the show, newbies.

The singer with a face that just won't quit was given 'Feeling Good' by Nina Simone to sing, and we were a tad skeptical of it since his voice was good, but was never amazing. But then he told us that this was a song his dad played for him all the time when he was younger, and we had a feeling he'd nail it.

Dressed in a white tuxedo jacket and black pants, his voice was reminiscent of Michael Buble's -- he was a helluva smooth crooner, and his voice showed actual depth for perhaps the first time in the competition. Not to mention that the accompaniment of a band straight out of the '20s literally made his performance.

Duron definitely found his niche with this song, as this was easily his best live performance to date, and we have quite the "good feeling" that he's going to win a lot of people over after tonight, and get the girls he's already won over voting for him like crazy.

"First of all, gosh dangit, we've all known that you're a star Dez, we all know that," said Blake Shelton. "Congratulations to you and Christina for figuring out where you fit musically. We just saw it tonight."

Blake just ninja'd our minds and literally stole our thoughts.