Everyone's favorite boy Dez Duron is up next on 'The Voice,' and despite our best efforts to focus on his vocal abilities, we just ... look how pretty he is! Swoon. Okay but for real.

He's coach Christina Aguilera's sole shot at winning the competition; all of her other ingenues were voted off, so he's literally the last man standing on Team XTina. He'd have to seriously impress the voters, especially since he had a last week high when he performed Nina Simone's 'Feeling Good' and got all Michael Buble on us -- which we loved, by the way.

This week, he opted for Justin Bieber's 'You Smile,' and while the world (and us) probably gave a consecutive groan at the thought of this fella singing a Bieber song after last week's performance, we were pleasantly surprised during his actual live performance.

Yes, the girls screamed because the cheekbones on this man's face are to die for, but his vocals were on point and good, yet not terribly outstanding, and the arrangement seemed changed up just a tad, therefore landing him in Buble territory yet again, versus the bubblegum pop genre that Bieber has so recently claimed.

"Dez, double D, you know we're cool and I always give you credit when it's due," said Cee Lo. "It seems like singing has your heart and it has your total focus ... it wasn't your best performance, but you're still one of my favorites."