DJ Felli Fel is getting ready to release his debut album, 'Go DJ!,' this year, and the LA-based Disc Jockey released the single 'Boomerang' to get people pumped for his upcoming LP. The hip-hop club song features a heavy synth beat and vocals from Akon, as well as rap verses from Pitbull and JD.

'Boomerang' kicks off with a simple 808 that sounds like clapping, as Akon sings a pre-chorus verse: "Now put your hands in the air / Shake your body down slow / Go on and bring it bring it back like you never did it before."

As the music begins to build, DJ Felli Fel gets the crowd going with some pivotal instructions on how to party: "Get your Ciroc bottles in the air, and if you see a sexy lady right now put your hands up," the DJ yells into the mic.

Akon comes back in with the catchy 'Boomerang' refrain, singing, "Your body lookin' amazing when you're dancing like that / Girl get up on the stage and go and do your thang / Sexy beautiful lady won't you bring it right back / Go ahead pull a 180, you're my boomerang." DJ Felli Fel then adds catchy, high-pitched, siren-esque synth that sounds like a hip-hop version of the tune to 'Papa Americano.'

Pitbull kills it in the second verse, referencing Blackstreet's 1996 hit 'No Diggity' and rapping about his greatest forte next to music -- macking on sexy chicks. "Mami got a boom bang bing bang dingg dang / No diggity no doubt I'ma hit that / That thing so fat look like she got a oompa loompa in her pants / Now gimme that," raps Mr. 305.

Jermaine Durpi also brings in some ATL flavor to the track on the third verse, rapping about how "people don't dance no more" over an infectious musical arrangement. Even though he has stuck to producing over the past few years, JD definitely shows listeners that he never lost his flow. DJ Felli Fel ends the up-tempo song on a strong note, as the beat fades out only to come back full force as Akon's vocals fade in the outro.

Listen to DJ Felli, 'Boomerang' Fel Feat. Akon, Pitbull and JD