You're out walking, see a dog, and you just want to go up, pet it, say hi in that whole doggie-baby talk way all while reaping the rewards of that wagging tail, big smile, and excited eyes.

Maybe you're even walking your dog who can't wait to say hi to the other dog as well.

Most of us dog lovers know to ask before we just start petting a stranger's dog. Being a dog owner myself, I know my playful pooch wants everyone we come across to pet him.

However, I'm sure you've experienced owners and their dogs who aren't really into the hellos and that's where these yellow or red bandanas or ribbons come in.

Luiza Nalimova
Luiza Nalimova


According to Reader's Digest, while we like to think that all dogs are playful, others are fearful, anxious, shy, have health issues, or are acclimating to a new environment. These dogs, if the owner knows to do so, will have a yellow bandana or ribbon around the dog or on the leash.

Whether it's their personalities, a trauma-related situation, health, age, or nerves, this signifies to ask first or just walk on by.



According to the Pets Plus Us website, of you see a red bandana around a dogs neck or a red ribbon maybe tied around the leash, this means the dog is reactive, aggressive, or requires some caution and space. Again, asking first is always your best bet. You may just find out that the bandana is part of the dogs wardrobe for the day if you will.

Reader's Digest says you never know if a dog is blind, just had surgery, is suffering PTSD, is old, is acclimating to a new family, or is in training to name a few things, so the etiquette of asking is always key no matter what.

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