Former president Donald Trump was booked and processed at the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta, Ga., Thursday night (Aug. 24).

According to CNBC, Trump was fingerprinted and his mugshot was taken, marking a historic first for any U.S. president former or sitting.

Trump is currently facing 13 separate felony counts in Georgia, which include racketeering and fraud related to his loss in the 2020 election — which he's clearly still feeling grumpy about, if his mugshot is any indication.

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In fact, Trump's mugshot became an instant meme online after it was released to the public late Thursday night.

Many people poked fun at Trump's sour facial expression, such as one person who compared his face in the photo to Roz from Disney-Pixar's Monsters Inc.

Others joked that Trump resembles the Grinch in the photo.

Some other folks joked about Trump not giving his best, model-like post for the mugshot, saying he would certainly be eliminated if he were on America's Next Top Model.

One person even compared the photo to one of Lindsay Lohan's infamous, iconic mugshots. "You will never be her," they tweeted.

Another Twitter user compared Trump's photo to Ken's mugshot in the Barbie movie, where the living doll flashes the camera a huge grin.

Several people used Trump's grumpy demeanor to describe annoying situations in life, like being too late for McDonald's breakfast or losing a vape.

One Twitter account focused on Trump's downfall from president to criminal in a "how it started" vs. "how it's going" comparison.

Someone else posted a photo that made it seem like former president Barack Obama took Trump's mugshot snap.

One video captured many of the mugshot edits going around on the internet, which have added hats, makeup, distorted facial features and more to Trump's pic.

Someone else put their video editing skills to work with a K-pop style fancam of the mugshot.

Another talented creator edited Trump's mugshot into a clip from Nickelback's "Photograph" music video, where the band sings, "Look at this photograph / Every time I do it makes me laugh."

Finally, one person summed up all of the hilarious memes by posting a popular reaction video of current Vice President Kamala Harris laughing.

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