Eminem fans, rejoice -- new Marshall Mathers material is materializing, and Dr. Dre is not only cotnributing to the project, but also gearing up to release tracks of his own.

Dre revealed that the Detroit MC is wrapping up the recording of his new album, slated for later this year.

In an interview with Power 106, Dre revealed that while he's been busy with side projects (like his lucrative Beats by Dr. Dre headphones), music is always going to be his No. 1 priority. “As you know, it’s been almost 30 years for me in music, so it’s a little bit difficult to keep getting inspired to get back in there," Dre admitted. "But music is my first love and I’m gonna continue to do that as long as I can.”

And part of that is working with his longtime collaborator and partner, Eminem. “Em is finishing up his project,” said Dre. “And for me, I’ve just gotten inspired to go back in the studio, so I’m really just having fun with life and having fun being creative and just trying some new and different things with myself.”