It's a well known fact that Drake and Chris Brown are not fans of each other, from the drama over Rihanna to violent altercations in N.Y.C. nightclubs.

While the sparring duo may not have a lot in common, the singers/rappers (well, mostly just Drake for the latter) both have killer bodies, giving all of their adoring fans glimpses of their ripped abs on Instagram and at live performances. After checking out these shirtless pictures of Drake and Chris Brown, which guy gets you hot and bothered, and which one is just "meh" in your eyes?

Unlike Chris Brown, Drake isn't one to flaunt his shirtless self all that much. When he posts pictures of himself without his shirt, it's almost never posed, like the candid basketball shot above or the picture of himself getting tattooed below. On the other hand, there's Brown, who flaunts his toned physique quite a bit for Team Breezy's viewing pleasure.

In addition to their different personalities, they also have very different bodies. While both men are muscular, Brown in on the leaner side so his six-pack and pectorals are much more noticeable -- Drake is on the bigger side, with a little more meat to his muscular physique. It must be because Drake is always seen lifting weights, while Brown gets whipped into shape with all of the cardio and contortions he does dancing.

Which entertainer has the hottest shirtless body? Check out more pics after the jump and vote for Drizzy or Breezy below!

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Instagram (2)