On tonight's episode of 'X Factor,' 160 contestants were whittled down to 100 and they went through a boot camp that addressed singing, choreography and styling issues. The judges then paired them into groups to perform a song that the judges have chosen.

Tonight, Dexter Haygood (the James Brown wannabe), Drew Ryniewicz (the soulful, female Belieber), The Answer (a boy band) Audrey Turner (she was married to Ike Turner and can sing), Elaine Gibbs (a wedding singer) and Caitlin Koch (dreamy blond who also coaches rugby) were thrown together to sing Radiohead's early career hit 'Creep.'

Drew and Caitlin were the two standouts of their group, as was Audrey! Drew and Caitlin both have super unique voices and they were able to re-imagine this angst-addled rock song in an entirely new way. Audrey also stepped out from behind her late hubby's shadow and showed us that she can really sing. Dexter struggled to find his groove and this didn't feel like quite the right song for him, sadly.

Overall, the song was disjointed since all the vocalists have such different tones to their voices, but Drew and Caitlin's breathy deliveries helped them to rise above and turn heads yet again. Look for these two pretty blondes to emerge early in the competition. Same goes for Audrey. She wasn't showcased much in the audition rounds but she was a lovely surprise.

Watch 'Creep' on 'X Factor'