Ed Sheeran is the center of the pop universe right now, as the ginger kid covers the new issue of Billboard and issued a tweet revealing the title of his upcoming album as well as its release date.

Let's go with that monstrously exciting tweet first. Sheeran even found enough space in a tweet to share and to explain what the title is means. It's 'X' as in "multiply" and it's out on June 23. Who's stoked? You know we are.

The tweet is below. He also changed his icon to the title of his new single, which is 'Sing.'

The blue-eyed redhead offers a piercing gaze on his Billboard cover, as well. While he is not a conventional hunk, the singer has certainly won a large legion of females over with his heartfelt songs and his emotional lyrics. Plus, he is BFFs with One Direction and even wrote 'Little Things.' That earns a 'Big Swoon' from us.

Some of the tidbits from his feature? Well, he said that he is "coming around to dressing a bit better. I've just never really given a f--k about what people are wearing, so I don't know why people care about what I have on." Clearly, fashion is not foremost on his mind. His music is and we endorse that attitude.

His album will also feature his most diary-honest song of his career. He admits that he could have been nastier, but that the subject is "100 percent true."

"If you date a songwriter, be prepared to have songs written about you," he said. Ah, that is something the exes of his bestie Taylor Swift's know well!

Watch Ed Sheeran's Billboard Cover Shoot Video