Gather 'round, here on this castle on the hill: it's time for a lesson in music-making, courtesy of Ed Sheeran.

Over the weekend, following the x singer-songwriter's (apparently all-too-perfect) set at Glastonbury Festival on Sunday night (June 25), the Internet exploded in a small flurry of criticism (shocking), suggesting that Sheeran was miming to playback throughout the whole show.

He was not, insists Ed Sheeran: he was very much making music live.

This morning (June 26), the "Shape of You" singer decided to and walk the haters through his process by issuing a single tweet in his defense.

"Never thought I'd have to explain it, but everything I do in my live show is live, it's a loop station, not a backing track. Please google x," he succinctly wrote, thinking out loud as Sheeran so often does. "Anyway, great night, great atmosphere, family, friends, fun. Love you all x."

What is a loop station? Well, we've done the Googling for you.

Per The Sun: "Live looping is the method of recording and playback of music in real-time. This can be done either with loop station devices or using a special computer software. Ed, as well as other musicians, uses a loop station which he controls with pedals."

As The Telegraph points out, the criticism came "despite Sheeran clearly tapping his loop pedal with his foot during his performance."

See? Those pesky miming concerns are nothing to shake a foot at.

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