Ed Sheeran gave little Aimee Keogh the surprise of her life while on Ireland's 'The Late Late Toy Show,' not only showing up out of nowhere, but singing with her as well. Be still, our hearts!

Here's how it went down: Aimee (an adorable young Sheerio with the cutest glasses and coolest accent ever) was demonstrating a karaoke app by singing Ed's 'Lego House' for the audience and host. Unbeknownst to her, however, the redheaded singer was slowly sneaking up behind her, ready to give her a holiday present she'll never forget.

And surprise her he did, as Aimee immediately started freaking out when she turned around and saw her idol. Despite her fangirling, Aimee was somehow able to keep it together (which is more than we can say for ourselves) and actual sing with Ed when he joined in on 'Lego House.' And did we mention that he also brought her presents, including a flyaway for her and her family to see his concert in London next year? Ed Sheeran, you're a regular ol' Santa Claus.

But that's not all: Ed also performed 'Thinking Out Loud' (which is swoon-worthy enough on its own) and couldn't resist inviting Aimee to sing with him. Is it possible to love him already more than we already do? No, it is not.

Check out Ed Sheeran's super sweet surprise in the video above!

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