Ever wanted to hear Ellen DeGeneres cover Katy Perry's 'Birthday'? Well, you're (sort of) in luck, as we have the closest thing that we're going to get to a genuine remake.

Fadi Saleh, the mastermind behind the amazing President Obama dubs (and creator of the BarackDubs YouTube channel), pieced together countless clips of the hilarious host and combined them all together to make it seem as if she is belting out the tune. Too funny!

One of the things we love best about this video (besides the fact that it's freaking hilarious) is the fact that Ellen really does "make it like your birthday every day," as she surprises her guests with generous gifts and delivers endless heartwarming moments -- some of which you can see in the 'Birthday' video above.

Calling her 'Birthday' remake "even better than the original," Ellen (who supposedly called and suggested the video idea to Fadi Saleh) admired his hard work, joking: "Thank you so much. You're talented, and you have way too much free time."

LOL! Watch Ellen's 'Birthday' remake above, and check out her response in the video below.