Emma Stone has further proven her Spice Girls worship with forgery.

The actress, who recently cried over the Spice Girls, revealed secrets of her Spice fangirling -- albeit cute and innocuous fangirling -- on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

The actress, looking absolutely stunning in a blue dress and rocking that asymmetrical long bob known as a lob, first revealed her real name is Emily. She had to swap it out to Emma for the Screen Actor's Guild, since the name "Emily Stone" was already taken. Emma was close enough to her own name...

...but it was more importantly the given name of Baby Spice aka Emma Bunton. Stone even asked her teacher to call her Emma on the first day of class in second grade because she wanted to be Baby Spice. For life, of course.

She has not met Baby yet but she had that famous iPad meeting with Scary Spice aka Mel B.

Now here is the adorably cray cray part. When she was 10, Stone could copy the individual Spice autographs, which were featured on their merch. Emma, you forger! She even joked, "If you need anyone for your checks…"

Was E. Stone able to sign from memory? She sure was! Kimmel handed her a pad and a Sharpie and she was able to create the signatures with panache and even offered her analysis of the details, all of which she remembered, saying things like Posh Spice aka Victoria Beckham had a sleek signature, much like the designer herself.

Uhhhh-mazing! Emma Stone is our latest crush!