Eva Simons, her massive mohawk, impossibly long eyelashes and layers of gold bracelets and chains are the centerpieces of her 'Renagade' video.

If there's one thing abundantly obvious about this Dutch EDM star, it's that she's a stylish and well-coiffed renegade -- a punk rock glamour girl, if you will. She plays hard, tagging walls with graffiti, riding recreational vehicles and singing her patoot off in this clip. Simons doesn't need much in the way of extraneous co-stars. She does an impeccable job of filling up the screen with minimal help.

The black and white video finds Simons cruising outside, hanging out in some sort of basement and frolicking on the beach.Through it all, she gives off an air of mystery and mystique. She doesn't offer too much information about herself, other than to show off a tough girl curled lip while singing. Simons comes across like the bad girl you want to cozy up to because there is something soft underneath the hard shell.

The 'Renegade' singer is currently party rocking on tour with LMFAO. Expect to see and hear more from Eva Simons as her star continues its ascent. She also dueted up with will.i.am in 'This Is Love.' Girl's about to blow.

Watch the Eva Simons 'Renegade' Video