Lady Gaga is constantly changing up her style, hair color included. It's no surprise that Mother Monster has worn so many different hues of hurr over the years -- she's an outrageous fashion icon and craves change like a chain smoker craves cigarettes. We've come up with 10 of Lady Gaga's most memorable hair colors and want to know which shade you little monsters like best.

If you turn your attention to the first row of pictures, you'll see a rainbow of dye jobs from Mother Monster. Most recently, Lady Gaga has been seen hitting the town with a bouffant of "Louis Vuitton brown" hair, which you can see in the first picture. Then there's the bold orange she chose for her Rolling Stone cover shoot, and the platinum blond she's known to rock on the reg. Gaga has also sported teal hair in the past, and prior to the blue-green shade she was wearing a two-toned 'do with black bangs and platinum blond locks flowing.

In the second row of pictures, you'll see Gaga during her red carpet arrival at the 2010 VMAs, when she had white hair with light turquoise tips. The 'ARTPOP' hit maker also had an in-your-face yellow shade at the 2010 Grammys, but before that was keeping it more subdued with a light, barely-there baby pink shade.

Also, in a daring move, Gaga dyed her hair a cool shade of gray back in 2009, but of course looked awesome and in no way grandma-ish. Finally, we've got the Gaga we all fell in love with, when she had pink and blond hair back during her 'Poker Face' days.

Which Lady Gaga hair color is your absolute favorite? Vote below!