The Wanted are stealing the hearts of fans all over the world thanks to their catchy songs and amazing chemistry with one another. We've gotten to know them not only as artists, but also as individuals thanks to their often hilarious webisodes (do you tune in for #WantedWednesday?) and interviews. So, out of the five fun-loving guys, which member of the Wanted is your favorite? In case you don't know who's who in the Wanted, here's the rundown.

In the picture above, Tom Parker is closest to the left. He was born on August 4, 1988 and is the oldest member of the group. Like the other guys in the boy band, Parker has a great sense of humor and is often lending a laugh to anyone who's around -- he can also play guitar, which would make any girl swoon.

Next to Parker is Nathan Sykes, the baby brother of the Wanted! The adorable Sykes is the youngest member, born on April 18, 1993, and he's quite the jokester as well (he certainly had us cracking up when we spoke to him a few months back).

Beside Nathan Sykes is the very sexy Max George, who was born on September 6, 1988. The shaved-head crooner was raised in Manchester, has a Beatles-esque accent that makes fans squeal, and loves a good time and goofing off with his fellow boy banders.

Beside George stands Siva Kaneswaran, who is the only non-English member of the Wanted. Born (November 16, 1988) and raised in Ireland, Kaneswaran (who is also of Sri Lankan descent) actually got his start modeling with his twin brother ... And we can see why! Just look at him!

Finally, on the far right is curly-haired cutie Jay McGuiness, who also has a twin! Born on July 24, 1990, McGuiness describes himself as "skinny and geeky," but we'd have to disagree. We love his rugged beard and wild hairdo ... Dind of gives him a bad boy appeal!

So, which member of the Wanted is your absolute favorite? If you can't decide, check out their Twitter pages in the links provided and get to know each guy a little bit better. Oh, and don't forget to vote!