Portions of Jennifer Lopez's 'Papi' video have been repurposed in the new commercial for the Fiat 500. In the commercial, J. Lo is behind the wheel of a cream colored Fiat, a compact car that resembles the aesthetics of a VW Bug. She is driving and singing, which we all do. Besides, it's better than driving and texting, right?

She is cruising through the streets when people start following her. Pedestrians run after her. Skateboarders give chase. People are in hot pursuit of both Lopez and her sweet wheels. She is oblivious to the caravan accumulating behind her until someone lands on her hood and she looks shocked and terrified -- check out the shot of her from the clip!

The followers are either admiring the singer, her vehicle or a combination of both. She bats those mega-long eyelashes – probably assisted by the currently in vogue lash extensions -- and is then helped out of the ride through moon roof by a cadre of buff dudes. She then proceeds to dance, but not before she handles a few hairpin turn in while driving.

In this commercial, Lopez displays her vehicular skills and struts her stuff.

Watch the Jennifer Lopez Fiat 500 Commercial