We already know that Kesha and the Flaming Lips' recording sessions were pretty, er, intense -- but now we're learning just how nuts they got. Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne spilled to Pitchfork about how their collaboration came about ... and that K-Dollar Sign offered to trip on some acid in the studio with the psychedelic rockers.

Coyne revealed that the collaborations were initially Kesha's doing. "When she played here in Oklahoma over the summer, she tweeted something like, 'If anybody knows the Flaming Lips tell them to come up.' I kept telling her management, 'Have her call me, because maybe we could do a song together,'" Coyne said.

"Lo and behold, on my birthday, January 13, she f---ing texts me and says, 'Hey honey, let's get together,'" he continued. "She called me that night, and three days later we were recording at a studio in her house in Nashville. She has a bunch of houses, but that's the one she was living at then." Who knew Kesha was into real estate?

Coyne described the track they recorded about doing acid while the world ends, which was touched upon in videos from the recording sessions. "It's exactly what people would think a Kesha/Flaming Lips track would sound like," Coyne said. "It's obnoxious and funny ... She was really into this idea of doing a song about the year 2012 and doomsday and what's going to happen," he dished. "She sent me the most primitive f---ing s----y 40-second demo, and we took that and ran with it. Her section of the song is very optimistic -- she's singing about the end of the world, but she's also on ten hits of acid, so she's having a good time -- and my section is completely f---ed up."

Apparently, Kesha was all set to sing from experience. "When I got to her house, she said, 'I've never taken acid, so I can't sing about that stuff,'" he revealed. "She's done lots of other drugs, but not acid. So she was like, 'Why don't we do some acid, and then I can sing about it.'" If it were anyone other than Kesha he were talking about, they probably wouldn't appreciate Coyne dishing about drug use, but it's Kesha. The girl owns everything!

So did she trip? Not quite (and we're kinda glad!). "She told her assistant, 'Go get us some acid,'" Coyne said. "Her assistant would've just ran out and got everybody a bunch of acid -- how great is that? But we didn't, because I was like, 'Listen lady, I'm not going to do a bunch of acid with you tonight, because we have to record,'" Coyne added. "Plus, I didn't really want her to. The way she is, it's as though she's on acid already. I thought, 'F---, how crazy is that going to be [if she takes acid]?'"

Coyne announced that he and his blonde blood donor (really!) worked on three songs together, and that they're getting together right before Easter to finish up recording.

"I like her so much because she's just willing to be a freak," Coyne said. "I'm around a lot of rock star people, and there's just so much f---ing pandering and drama. She's not like that. It's such a great relief to be around people that are so energetic, creative, funny, and into life."

We can't wait to hear Coyne's influences on Kesha's "cock pop."