The whole world pretty much adores Adele -- even Karl Lagerfeld (though he has an interesting way of showing it). She has one big fan in particular that you may not expect: Dave Grohl, frontman of the Foo Fighters. Grohl dished on the Brit's unstoppable talent ahead of this year's Grammys -- an awards ceremony she's expected to sweep.

Grohl revealed that Adele's emotion is what makes '21' a great album. "Music needs to connect with people, there needs to be some depth to it, some sort of emotional human connection that you from artists that are the real deal," he told the Hollywood Reporter. "Then there's that other kind of music that usually sells the most because its promoted in ways that propels that. But I think that maybe if people focused on the real side of things a little clearer, the industry would be a little healthier. I've said this before: the Adele record is a perfect example. That's a really good record and she's a really talented artist and it's selling like f---ing crazy because she's a real talent."

We agree! Grohl believes that if the industry focused more on artists like Adele, it would be for the good not only of listeners, but of the business as well. "It's a really good record," he reiterated. "So imagine if all of the really good records made by really good artists were promoted in the same way. Do you think one of them would sell? I think they would all sell. But unfortunately sometimes the focus is on the other side of music, which doesn't have a lot of value."

Adele's '21' was virtually unstoppable on the charts, save for a posthumous boost by Whitney Houston. Adele is nominated for six awards and will make her triumphant return to the stage in her first awards show performance since her throat surgery. In addition to being named Vogue's highly coveted March cover girl and iTunes' and Rolling Stone's Artist of the Year, the accolades just keep coming for the 'Someone Like You' singer. We -- and Dave Grohl -- couldn't be happier for her!

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