Here's a word of advice to Justin Bieber -- slow down. It's for your own good. Not only will you avoid any horrific traffic accidents, but you'll also steer yourself clear of a beat down at the hands of former NFL players who live in your neighborhood.

According to TMZ, this was precisely the scene that unfolded when Justin's reckless driving made him yet another enemy -- this time it's former NFL player and ESPN analyst, Keyshawn Johnson. The athlete, who lives in the same gated community as the Biebs in Calabassas, Calif., was leaving a party on Sunday night when Justin zipped by in his Ferrari (perhaps his new leopard print car?) at an alarming rate of speed. Johnson, who had his child in the car, made sure to drop his little one at home before going after Bieber in his sensible Prius.

Johnson blocked Bieber's car in his driveway and went to his doorstep to confront the 'All Around the World' singer, but his dreams of lecturing the 19-year-old were dashed. Why you ask? Because JB got scared and ran in his house, refusing to come out.

C'mon, Justin, if you're going to rush around your neighborhood like a mad man, you can't expect the neighbors to pay you visits with freshly made pies -- they're gonna be peeved especially if they have children! Might we also mention that Keyshawn Johnson stands at 6 feet and 4 inches, weighing in around 212 pounds. That's a big dude, no wonder Biebs was shaking in his boots.

Aside from this incident, TMZ reported that two other people called cops that same night as a result of Bieber's wild driving. Can someone take this kid to a race track so he can get this out of his system? Geez! Of course, this big to do comes on the heels of his spitting accusations at the hands of another neighbor. Get it together, Biebs!