While everyone has their own weird little ticks, like biting your finger nails down to nothing or chewing with your mouth wide open, the length of these annoying habits is far more wide-reaching in the world of celebrities, given that they're so in the spotlight.

From Chris Brown and Rihanna's endless Twitter drama, to Justin Bieber (and plenty of other half-naked selfie culprits) posting shirtless pictures on Instagram every five seconds, these annoying pop star habits are nearly inescapable these days. With the hype surrounding famous people at an all-time high, thanks to their accessibility on social media networks and the fast-paced Internet era in general, these "habits" just really start to grind your gears after a while.

Check out some of the most annoying pop star habits below, like the strange, attention-seeking red carpet stunts of Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj, plus many more.