The inside of this home will make you want to shout, "Pivot!"

Popular Instagram account Zillow Gone Wild showcases homes that look normal on the outside but have the wildest interiors.

The account has featured homes filled with mannequins, houses stuck in different eras and even one home with an indoor skate park! Nothing is off limits.

The account recently highlighted a home in Dayton, Ohio, that is modeled after one of the most popular sitcoms. The purple door with the yellow frame might give you a clue.

Once you step inside this house, you'll be instantly transported into Monica Gellar's apartment from Friends.

The walls are painted the iconic purple hue and the rooms are filled with some of the knickknacks you've seen on the show, such as Monica and Chandler's wedding photo — how cute!

If you're hoping to purchase home, which has three bedrooms and one bathroom, we've got some bad news: per Zillow, it was sold in 2021.

But how cool would it be if the owner turned the home into an Airbnb? It would be the perfect place for a big Friends fan to celebrate a special occasion!

It's impossible to look through photos of the home without picturing the iconic show scenes that took place in the apartment it's modeled after.

Wouldn't you love to play a trivia game in the living room with your own friends? Or, you could try making Rachel's Thanksgiving Trifle in the kitchen — just skip the meat.

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This home will have you shouting "PIVOT!"

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