In the highly-anticipated prom episode of 'Glee,' 'Prom-asaurus,' the McKinley High seniors show that they're no slouches when it comes to school dances -- especially not their last hurrah before graduation!Brittany came up with the prehistoric prom theme and sings Kesha's 'Dinosaur,' an old to creepy old dudes, in the same spirit. In the previews you can see how adorable Brit looks in her white tux next to Santana's scarlet gown. Such a cute couple! We're especially looking forward to Santana's take on Selena Gomez's hit 'Love You Like a Love Song.' Hopefully her rendition will be less creepy than James Franco's.

Speaking of Santana, she also performs Berlin's 'Take My Breath Away,' made famous for its use in 'Top Gun,' with wheelchair-bound Quinn -- who is her likely rival for the prom queen crown. That should bring an interesting dynamic to their duet!

The New Directions take on One Direction with their cover of 'What Makes You Beautiful' (you can watch a preview here), but we're a bit more interested in Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) singing 'Big Girls Don't Cry' by Fergie. Considering she sang Kelly Clarkson's 'Cry' in 'Choke' last week, the fact that she'll be belting out a breakup anthem doesn't bode well for her and Finn's relationship. Will Ms. Berry ever catch a break?!

The 'Glee' 'Prom-asaurus' episode airs this Tuesday, May 8 at 8PM ET on Fox.

‘Prom-A-Saurus’ Song List:
- Brittany and the Cheerios, ‘Dinosaur’ (Kesha)
- Quinn and Santana, ‘Take My Breath Away’ (Berlin)
- New Directions, ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ (One Direction)
- Santana, ‘Love You Like a Love Song’ (Selena Gomez)
- Rachel, ‘Big Girls Don't Cry’ (Fergie)