'Glee' may air on Tuesdays, but our favorite glee club can still appreciate the goodness that is Friday -- Rebecca Black's 'Friday,' that is. The hit FOX show will take on the inexplicably viral hit from the auto-tuned 13-year-old in an upcoming episode.

But who will get the honors? The boys of 'Glee' will be the ones to tackle Black, according to Vulture. Artie, Puck, and Sam will supposedly be "partyin,' partyin'" it up on the upcoming prom episode, which is said to be where Blaine and Kurt will share kiss No. 2, also.

We can't wait to find out just exactly how they will lay down the infectious Black tune. One thing we do know for sure is that it will be hilarious.

Fun, fun, fun, fun! But first, 'Glee' returns Tuesday with the 'Night of Neglect' episode!

Watch the Rebecca Black 'Friday' Video