Hold on to your desks, gleeks, because it's about to get real at McKinley High. Next week, in 'The First Time' episode of 'Glee,' Rachel and Finn will finally do the deed ... For the first time.

The 30-second promo clip that played following the 'Pot O' Gold' episode was jam-packed with spoilers that made our jaws drop wide open. You see, Finn is apparently going to invite Rachel to his house (after talking to Mr. Schue about it first, of course), where he will then wine and dine her and they will have consensual sex, marking a new monument in their relationship, especially given that it's Rachel's actual first time ever.

The video only teases it with highlights, but perhaps Kurt and Blaine will walk down the same road in 'The First Time' ep. We do know that Rachel will seek the advice of the Cheerios, who tell her to wait, and as Quinn says, "Look what happened to me," while Santana meanly warns her that "Finn is terrible in bed." Ouch.

We can't wait for the inevitable romantic moment of the season! 'Glee' 'The First Time' airs in its regular Tuesday timeslot, Nov. 8.

Watch the 'Glee' 'The First Time' Promo Clip