It's not just hip-hop artists who are releasing mixtapes anymore. Pop-punk band Good Charlotte plan to release a mixtape of their own in October, followed by a long break from touring and recording.

The mixtape is called 'Before the Fame: The Madden Brothers' and will feature collaborations with newcomers. Benji Madden told Rolling Stone, "It's all new artists – Machine Gun Kelly, Rockie Fresh ... We're stepping away from the grind of making records and touring for a minute, just to have fun and be creative like we were when we were 15."

Good Charlotte's last album, 2010's 'Cardiology,' was released three years after their previous effort and wasn't as commercially successful, reaching only No. 31 in the US. Despite the fun the group may have putting together videos like 'Last Night,' Joel Madden said the time may be right for another extended break.

"Absolutely, that's what every artist that's our senior has told us and we're already having a blast in our studio with all these new artists making music just for fun," he said. "And the mixtape's free, they're gonna get it for free, there's no quota we're trying to fill, there's no machine we're trying to fuel. We just want to make music with new artists and God bless EMI, they let us do what we want."