Sounds like there's at least one superstar who won't be getting a Carpool Karaoke segment anytime soon.

Rihanna, who was scheduled to perform at last night's (February 15) Grammy Awards, was forced to pull out at the eleventh hour because of bronchitis. And James Corden, who was scheduled to introduce her set, was nixed by extension, he regretfully told a Late Late Show audience after music's biggest night.

Evidently, Rihanna tapped Corden a couple of weeks ago to appear toward the beginning of "Kiss It Better" as an '80s talk show host, and he was totally ready to play the part.

"I had funny glasses, and I'd introduce Rihanna and then at the end she'd come and sit with me, like it was its own talk show," he says in the clip above.

But it wasn't until Corden neared the ceremony's doors that he got word the whole thing had been scrapped.

"So today, I get all dressed up, this morning a guy came, measured me for an '80s suit," he continues in the clip. "I get down there, do the red carpet, tell everyone I'm going to be introducing Rihanna, she's asked me personally to be part of it, it's amazing. Then I get to the end of the red carpet and they say Rihanna's pulled out of the show. She's been told by a doctor she's not allowed to sing, and could really damage her voice."

But all was not lost for the comedian, whom show host LL Cool J eventually asked to help introduce a tribute to Lionel Richie. Cool, indeed.

Watch the segment above, and tell us what you thought the most memorable moment from last night's show!

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