Sorry, Ariana Grande, but your man isn't the only pop star's boyfriend with BDE.

The bizarre saga between Grimes, Elon Musk and Azealia Banks just got even weirder (if you can believe it...) thanks to a series of purported intimate texts between Banks and Grimes that appeared on social media this week. And we mean intimate.

In one revelatory alleged message, Grimes dished on Musk's reportedly large penis.

"[He] has a giant d---," she wrote, musing that she "could measure it" while Banks responded (in a very NSFW way) that the Canadian artist's petite stature may be the reason for her, well, generous assessment.

Grimes also appeared to gossip about Musk's accent, as well as made the admittedly frightening claim that the "Russians want Elon dead."

See screenshots of their... peculiar conversation, below:

This latest revelation, of course, comes right after Banks claimed that Musk and Grimes attempted to lure her to Musk's home in Los Angeles for a threesome, amid other wild allegations.

Grimes has yet to acknowledge any of Banks' claims and statements.

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