A couple in Baghdad said "I do" but didn't even make it through their wedding reception before saying, "Never mind!"

According to The Mirror, the unlucky-in-love newlyweds may have set the record for the fastest divorce filing in history.

But what exactly happened to them in the time between they exchanged vows and cut the cake that ruined their wedded bliss so quickly?

The publication reports the bride caused a massive family fight by making a controversial song request at the reception. She apparently asked to play a Syrian song called "Mesaytara" by Lamis Kan, the title of which reportedly translates to "I am dominant" or "I will control you."

It wasn't just the song title that was polarizing, either. The lyrics were every bit as offensive to the groom.

"I am dominant; you will be ruled under my strict instructions / I will drive you crazy if you looked at other girls on the street," Kan apparently sings on the opening lines.

The take-no-prisoners, baddie mentality carries through the track:

"Yes, I’m dominant, you’re my piece of sugar / As long as you’re with me, you’ll walk under my command," she continues.

Give the track a listen below. It is admittedly a banger:

"Mesaytara" by Lamis Kan

As the story goes, the bride dropped it low to the apparently offensive bop on the dance floor while a fight brewed in the background.

And that was the end of that.

The Mirror notes that the song may not be the best choice for a first dance song. "Mesaytara" was apparently the cause of a divorce in Jordan last year, too...

It's unclear exactly how many hours (or minutes) the doomed couple made it before filing for divorce. Clearly, it wasn't very long if they weren't even through the reception yet.

This has lead to speculation that they may have set the record for one of the fastest divorces of all time.

However, while they may possibly hold the record in Baghdad, it looks like at least one other couple have them beat for the world record.

In 2019, a couple in Kuwait reportedly filed for divorce about three minutes after exchanging vows.

According to ShortList, the bride tripped and fell on her way out of the courthouse.

Her seemingly not-so-besotted husband didn't offer her a hand up. Instead, he called her stupid. Unsurprisingly, insulting your beloved doesn't inspire all that much confidence in the strength of a relationship.

The bride reportedly helped herself up and went back into the courthouse to file for divorce.

Hopefully their 180 seconds of newlywed bliss were worth the divorce fees.

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