When it comes to your significant other, it's common to step in and defend them when someone disrespects them.

One man confronted his brother after he spewed insults at his wife, eventually throwing him out of his house.

The husband took to Reddit explaining that his wife was a former sports model and her previous job "required her to meet a very rigid beauty standard and look a certain way," he wrote via Reddit, according to Newsweek.

"She was always on a strict diet and was severely underweight," he continued, adding that she had recently "gained a healthy amount of weight and muscle and is much happier."

The drama with his brother started after his sibling had recently gone through a "nasty divorce" and was staying with him and his wife while he picked up the pieces of his life.

He noted that his brother always had "a type" when it comes to women. "Any woman who doesn't fit his preference is automatically ugly and unlovable," he wrote. "He wants all women to conform to his standards, hell or high water."

Soon after crashing at his place, the brother started taking shots at his wife about her weight.

The first incident occurred when the brother found an old magazine with his brother's wife on the cover, referencing her old figure and comparing it to her new body, saying she had "let herself go."

Kenny Eliason via Unsplash
Kenny Eliason via Unsplash

On another occasion, the wife was gearing up for a run when the brother spouted off that she should "run fast enough to lose all the flabby bits."

The next day, as the woman was heading to the gym, the brother told her to "make sure to return to her old figure." When the husband asked his wife if the comments bothered her, she said she was used to them.

The final straw came when the wife was serving the brother dinner and he joked about paying for her a tummy tuck, infuriating the husband.

"That comment set me off," the man said. "I told him that his wife married the wrong version of him and to pack his s--t and leave my house. He did not take kindly to this and complained about how insensitive I was to his situation and how I made a low blow."

After the brother left, the man asked his wife if he went too far, and she replied that his brother could have been kicked out without the snarky remark regarding his recent divorce.

Users rallied behind the husband, letting him know he did the right thing by protecting his wife.

"Given the revolting nature of his comments and the fact that he explicitly insulted your wife while you are putting a roof over his head makes it understandable," one person wrote, while another commented: "You are only human. You were far more polite than I would have been."

Another user suggested his wife's responses to the insults were "likely a coping mechanism from many years of prejudice and sexual discrimination," adding he had "a right and responsibility as a spouse to be upset."

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