Fans who went to check for new tweets from Halsey on April 3 got a big surprise this morning: a message saying the page "doesn't exist." Overnight, the pop artist deleted her Twitter seemingly out of the blue and with no clear explanation, sending her followers into a panic.

However, there are a number of reasons why the "Colors" singer may have deactivated her account, namely cyber-bullying. On April 2, the comments section of a post on another of Halsey's social media platforms, Instagram, erupted after users slammed her for posting an image without crediting its original artist.

The situation was further inflamed when people began accusing Halsey of blocking the artist from commenting as well. However, as it turns out the singer-songwriter did not block the user who created the image, but instead the user was automatically blocked by Instagram for commenting excessively on the star's account in an effort to have her work credited.

Below is the image that the pop star shared on her Instagram page, sans caption or tags:

And here is a screenshot of the same image taken from a Tumblr page (dated November 30) and shared by the alleged original artist on Instagram:

On Halsey's account, the post is teeming with vile comments calling her "ugly," a "waste of oxygen," and even some going so far as to tell her to kill herself, all in the name of outrage for not crediting the original artist.

The sad thing is that while calling for Internet users — especially ones with large social reaches and high traffic platforms — to give credit where credit's due is intrinsically a noble cause, the old saying still goes: two wrongs don't make a right. Spreading vicious and hurtful messages of hate are neither an appropriate nor remotely rational way to react over an artistic faux pas which, quite frankly, is one that many of these angry commenters have likely committed on their own Instagrams and Tumblrs.

Unfortunately, this instance is only one of many that may have likely convinced the artist to delete her Twitter, including an additional comment flame war on yet another Instagram post in which users lambasted the pop singer for teaming up with MAC Cosmetics over accusations that the company occasionally tests its product on animals. Similarly, back in February the artist was captured on video pleading with fans to stop sending her "rude" messages and being mean to her.

For now it seems Halsey can't catch a break from those bent on attacking or judging her each and every move, so perhaps closing one of the channels in which she receives messages will relieve some of the negative comments she is forced to wade through on a daily basis — it's just unfortunate and unfair that she's put in such a position to begin with. Thankfully, there are just as many fans standing up for the artist as there are trying to tear her down, and though she may not be on Twitter currently, those who care about her are still reaching out to her with  #wesupporthalsey.

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