Just when we thought there was no possible way we could love Harry Styles more than we already do, he decided to go ahead and give us one more reason to swoon. Not since Justin Timberlake has a 20-year-old pop star had this much clout.

Let's set the scene: One Direction held a book signing in London yesterday (Dec. 10). We're insanely jealous of everyone who was in attendance, but that's not the point. We imagine there were palpable levels of sheer excitement and elation in the air, and it looks like the escalation of those feelings is what sent one fan in particular into a near panic attack. Twitter user @addictof1D found herself suddenly unable to breathe once she realized she was sharing airspace with Harry — a feeling we completely understand and perfectly relate to.

She was pulled to the side where paramedics attempted to calm her down and get her breathing back to normal, but after hours of well-meaning but ineffective attempts at placation, they realized their efforts were futile. That's where Harry comes in.

According to the fan's Twitter and Instagram feeds, Harry realized what was happening shortly after using the nearby restroom, and came to the fan's aid -- despite security's warnings against breaking through the barrier. The two embraced, and the rest is history. That's right, a single hug from Harry Styles was enough to kickstart that fan's ability to inhale deeply again. You can check out some of her tweets below, and (even better!) watch the video of Harry being more comforting than your favorite childhood blanket above.

We're glad the fan is all better now, and judging from her social media feeds she's absolutely over-the-moon for the foreseeable future -- and we definitely don't blame her. Oh, Harry. If the way into your arms is an unintended bout of hyperventilation, then we say bring on the brown paper bags.

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