With fame and fortune comes, apparently, a lack of platonic girlfriends. That seems to be the case when you're a member of One Direction, anyway. Niall Horan admitted in an interview that while the guys are mostly totally stoked on their current situation (who wouldn't be!?), there are definitely pitfalls of fame. Not being able to be friends with whoever you want is clearly a downside, especially for the guys of 1D.

When asked if it ever gets difficult to be paired (via the media) with every girl they're ever pictured with, Niall responded candidly: "Yeah, it can be frustrating sometimes. We can’t really have friends who are girls if I’m being honest, but you know, people have a job to do. Let them write what they want, I suppose."

Sounds like the healthiest attitude to have about a situation that you can't really change! Niall is the only member of One Direction who hasn't had a serious girlfriend (at least, not publicly!) since the band started, so it's interesting to see his take on the girl-as-a-friend situation. Hopefully things will change soon for the guys. You can check out Niall's response in the interview above!

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