Here's news that'll get Taylor Swift hatin' on the Kardashian clan.

Swift's ex Harry Styles of One Direction was spotted on a dinner date with Kendall Jenner, "a satellite Kardashian," which is how Jay Pharaoh hilariously referenced non-Kardashian Kardashians, aka Kris Jenner's other daughters, on 'SNL.'

The duo was spotted in West Hollywood on Nov. 20.

Styles, 19, and Jenner, 18, left the eatery Craig's in the same vehicle. Styles drove, while Jenner was sitting next to him, ensconced in her phone.

Let's hope she was texting her sisters or her friends about how AWESOME Harry Styles is.

If we were having din din with Hazza, our phones would be buried at the bottom of our bags until we could pull it out long enough to snap a few shots for Instagram, and that's it. We'd be totally focused on him. Screw the phone! Texts can wait.

Maybe it was a friendly date and not a romantic one. If it were truly romantic, Jenner wouldn't be able to take her eyes off of him.

Hazza, on the other hand, had to remain focused on the road, since it was rainy.

Jenner shot down rumors she was dating a rapper last month, affirming her status as a singleton. Maybe that has changed? She also showed the world a flash of nipple on her feed, as well.

For his part, the 1D hunk was in L.A. to perform on 'X Factor' tonight (Nov. 21).