Kendall Jenner turned 18 earlier this month, so she's legal. However, in a NSFW snap that should make her dad -- ousted Kardashian house husband Bruce Jenner -- proud, she flashed her nipples.

Miss Jenner posted the pic on her selfie-heavy Instagram feed.

Now, in Kendall's defense, the image does have an artsy quality to it, since it's black and white. And for what it's worth, she is quite beautiful in a natural, dark-haired girl way. Kris Jenner really does have good genes.

Now back to that photo...

She is wearing a black shirt, and you have to strain a little to see it -- but once you put in the effort, you can make out one of her nipples, since the shirt is sheer. Her hair is wet and hanging in her face, but let's be real. Everyone is focused on those two perfectly shaped mounds below her neck.

Since Jenner is 18, she's technically an adult, so it's not as racy as it seems. We'd be more alarmed if this were a Terry Richardson shoot, since his reputation is starting to surface.

We still think Bruce might be shaking his head…