Uh oh. Is Haylor already over?

Directioners and Swifties are going crazy with speculation that Taylor Swift and One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles may have called it quits -- or at least gotten into a huge fight. Why the rumors?

The pair just spent a romantic vacation in the British Virgin Isles, and Styles just professed his love for Swift on New Year's Eve -- only a week ago. But it looks as though while Haylor may have vacationed in paradise, there was plenty of drama along for the ride.

Fans spotted Styles in a hot tub with Richard Branson's family on Necker Island in the Virgin Isles without Swift. Where was she? Looking forlorn on a boat going towards customs. That may not be a big deal, because they're both busy and have packed schedules, so she may have just had to leave sooner for work reasons -- and she may have just looked sad because, well, hello? If you had to leave Hazza's side, wouldn't you be bummed out too?!

But -- and here's a big but -- there may be some truth to the rumors. Swift posted a cryptic tweet featuring a lyric from her current hit, 'I Knew You Were Trouble,' writing, " ... til you put me down." Let's be real: Swift is no dummy. She's one of the savviest, craftiest and has one of the most carefully calculated images in the biz, so chances are she knew this would cause a stir.

Is this the end for Haylor? Or is T-Swizzle just making a really good marketing move for her single?

Sounds like Papa may have known best. Time will tell!

Watch the Taylor Swift 'I Knew You Were Trouble' Video