Electro-pop musician Lights -- yes, that's her legal name! -- stopped by the PopCrush offices earlier today (Oct. 30) and we were seriously in for a treat. From her adorable baby, Rocket, to her awesome fan interactions on Twitter to her fantastic in-studio performances (we promise we'll post those later!), we couldn't get enough of the super sweet singer.

Lights got a chance to respond to some fan questions via the PopCrush Twitter by checking the "LightsAtPopCrush" hashtag and picking out her favorites. From sharing a photo of her latest tattoo, to talking about her favorite Legend of Zelda game, we found out a lot about her!

In case you missed out on Lights' awesome tweets (we definitely hope you have a good excuse!) we decided to compile some of our favorites for you guys. So check out the tweets below, and be sure to check back soon for our exclusive acoustic video performances!