Imagine, if you will, a seemingly peaceful night at home in Elkhorn City, Kentucky (population 1,060 according to the 2000 census).

You're kicking back and watching television with your significant other. You know, catching up on some Empire or whatever. You're not really paying attention because you're on your iPad trying to find a panda in a sea of snowmen.

And then, out of the corner of your eye, a blonde woman floats across the TV. A dulcet voice hits your ear. You look up, but before your eyes even reach the screen, she's already gone.

Here's the question: Was that "Play With Fire (Richard Vission Remix)" singer herself, Hilary Duff?

Better question: Is it worth the integrity of your face to ask?

This exact scenario, more or less, allegedly played out for real on Saturday evening.

According to a dispatch filed in the Appalachian News-Express (bless ATRL for this find in print), a woman in Elkhorn City reportedly bit her husband in the face due to a #DuffDispute.

ATRL/Appalachian News-Express

An Elkhorn City woman was arrested on a charge of domestic assault after allegedly biting her husband in the face following what police say was an argument over whether television star Hilary Duff was in a television commercial the couple had just seen.

According to court documents, Brandi M. Lester, 26, of Trace Fork Road, Elkhorn City, was arrested on Saturday evening on charges of domestic abuse and fourth-degree domestic violence in connection to a verbal argument with her husband that included Lester biting him in the face, police said.

It's sadly still unclear exactly which commercial the couple was watching when the dispute broke out, although it's certainly possible that it could have been Hilary on their screen: After all, the promo for the second season of her show Younger is only continuing to ramp up before the premiere in January. (No doubt you've also been listening to her Fleetwood Mac cover for the show on loop.)

Here's hoping that the couple was watching an old DVR recording from 2008 and caught young LGBT warrior Hilary's "That's So Gay!" commercial, which was part of GLSEN's ThinkB4YouSpeak campaign. In fact, let's all watch that again — and yes, it's really Hilary in this commercial. No biting.

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