Singer/actress Hilary Duff and ex-NHL player husband Mike Comrie were together for a total of seven years, having married in 2010. Turns out they had a seven-year itch they could not scratch, announcing their split last Friday (Jan. 10). Sources reveal that despite their best efforts to reignite things, the spark in the couple's relationship was gone.

Put simply: They fell outta love. That's not uncommon and it's sort of a bummer.

Duff and Comrie, parents to son Luca Cruz, who will be 2 in March, gave it their all and even went to marriage counseling for 18 months to try and save their union but "the spark was no longer there," according to an insider. "They're better as friends."

It sounds like things started going south for the couple soon after they wed, with a source saying that Duff, 26, felt that Comrie, 33, "didn't put enough effort into the relationship." Another insider also said that Comrie "wasn't doing any of the things they'd worked on."

That seems to be a pattern according to a source, who said that Comrie didn't do much once he retired from the NHL in 2012 due to injury. "He never did anything!" the source claimed.

Duff's mother Susan also said that her daughter and Comrie were better as friends than as husband and wife, and that things are amicable. They will share joint custody of Luca.