A snippet from one of Hilary Duff's new tracks has made its way online, and we're totally into it.

The snippet will reportedly appear in an upcoming episode of Hilary's new television show Younger, which is probably how it leaked online. But we're glad it did, because it has us super pumped for Hilary's upcoming album. From what we can tell, the song is heavy on the synth-pop, totally upbeat and fun, with a heavy drum beat and lyrics that are kind of juvenile, but totally reflect the mindset so many people have in their 20s.

The lyrics include, "I don't wanna behave / Don't wanna wait for Saturday / Young and drunk and free / Hey mister mister, dance with me / Cause I'm sick of doing what they tell me / Sick and tired of trying to please / I'm escaping, breaking free / With a pocket full of cash / My purse is hanging on the dash." Get that club-going night out, Hilary.

While the rest of the song has yet to be released, Hilary does have a semi-new song out called "Sparks." She just released a lyric video for the track, which we're totally obsessed with. In other news, the "All About You" singer has also gotten seriously into unnatural hair colors as of late -- going from her natural blonde to a super cool teal and, most recently, her grey-and-pink hair.

Listen to the snippet above!

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