Hilary Duff probably won't find love on Tinder -- because love does not exist -- but if she does, she's pretty sure it'll make for a good story.

Yes, the Younger actress is still obsessed with talking about the dating app and, like, so were we when we first downloaded it -- back in 2013. But celebrities are notoriously behind when it comes to mainstream things like Tinder, the Internet, current events. So we'll give her a pass on this one.

Hilary already dished on her first date, and we're assuming she was not all that into the guy because there has been zero talk of a follow-up date. But during a recent radio interview with The JohnJay & Rich Show, Hilary copped to going on another date with another guy and it seems like it went well. While she didn't allude to anything, second-date-wise, she did say she is seriously open to the dating app. Well, sort of.

She said, "I'm not taking it very seriously. I think the whole thing is fascinating to me...I don't know if it's going to happen on Tinder, but I wouldn't turn it down if I was actually genuinely into a guy and thought that he was into me and we had a serious connection, I guess. It would be the story of the year if I found love on Tinder."

For the rest of us normals, falling in love with someone on Tinder... well, that would probably be the story of the year for us, too. Just getting someone to text us back is story-of-the-year-worthy if we're being real, so we feel you, Hilary.

You can listen to the full interview on Just Jared.

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