Wish you could wipe your memory clean of that last blind date? Welp, Hilary Duff did one better: She scrubbed a pair of recent rendezvous from her music video catalog.

The "Sparks" singer, whose inaugural clip for the single found her giggling with friends while scanning through Tinder's stock of men (and committing to a couple of app-arranged dates), released a completely different version of the video this morning that includes heaps more neon-accented dancing, but not a trace of smartphone-related romance. Guess dating really is a fickle game...

"I made this just for you guys! Here is my new fan-demanded video for #Sparks," Hil tweeted this morning to introduce the sequel.

In "Sparks": Reborn, Hilary and her trusted background dancers bring twice the choreography, additional helpings of yoga ball-bouncing and more leaning on somebody's grandma's busted TV amid a room full of antiquities picked up at South Beach yard sale. We smell a bundle discount!

And, it bears repeating: There are no allusions to Tinder! Synthetic ficus? You betcha! Virtual dates? No. Arm-swinging to excess? Hell yeah! Feigning conversation after that last gutter ball? You must be out of your gourd. Using your thumbs and index fingers to mimic an imaginary cam...okay, you probably get it.

What do you think: Is the new "Sparks" video bringing the heat, or did Round 1 offer a better burn? Inspect both versions to see exactly what changed in transit, and share your thoughts on new versus old in the comments below.


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