Have you been pronouncing Chappell Roan's name correctly?

The singer made sure to clarify the correct pronunciation during a recent concert in a clip posted to TikTok by a fan.

"If you've been saying 'Shappell Rowe-Anne,' this is your final warning," she announced.

"It's Chappell Roan, babe," she said.

Her name is pronounced exactly as it looks: Chappell, like chapel, and Roan, like a horse's coat.

The fan who posted the video said in the caption, "Chappell Roan pronunciation guide because I'm tired of ppl pronouncing it wrong lolll."

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While fans mispronouncing the pop star's name is not a new trend, an interview featuring Charli xcx recently went viral when the interviewer butchered the "Hot to Go" singer's name.

"Rihanna or 'Shapell Rowe-anne?'" the interviewer asked Charli.

The "360" singer laughed before correctly pronouncing Roan's name in her answer.

"Okay, so, Chappell Roan, like obviously absolute god-tier, but it's Rihanna," Charli said.

In the comments of the fan-taken video of Roan during her concert, someone referenced the Charli xcx interview and the fan replied, "THAT’S WHAT PROMPTED THIS LOL."

One fan noted that Roan's stage name makes a "genius drag name," since Roan's aesthetic and performances are heavily inspired by drag queens.

"It's like 'Chaperone,' it's such a genius drag name," the fan wrote in the comments.

Another fan pointed out that getting the pronunciation right is important because of the stage name's special meaning.

"It’s important bc chappell was her grandpa’s last name!!" they said.

Chappell Roan has had more eyes on her than ever as her career has exploded after opening for Olivia Rodrigo on the Guts tour and performing at Coachella, leading to more and more new fans discovering her music.

Thanks to her viral hit "Hot to Go," which features an infectious dance that has taken over music festivals this year, and her anthemic pop hit "Good Luck, Babe!," Roan has effectively taken the music industry by storm.

She's currently on her Midwest Princess tour in support of her 2023 album The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess.



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