Electropop duo Icona Pop just released a song called "First Time," but the track itself isn't all that new.

According to Pitchfork, "First Time" is the first song Icona Pop wrote together when they formed, but it wasn't until recently that they officially recorded the track, which is currently set to be included on their upcoming Emergency EP, due out tomorrow (July 17).

Whereas the duo's most recent single "Emergency" is heavy on the horns with a slight '20s-inspired sound, "First Time" has a more frenetic, youthful energy that's reminiscent of the group's earlier work, recalling the shout-singing style present on their 2012 debut album This Is... Icona Pop.

Lyrically, the chorus is a nostalgic ode to (what else?) first times as the duo implores the listener to remember, "The first time we got high / The first time we got drunk / The first time we fell in love / And things will never be the same / And that’s okay.

Icona Pop released a statement about the track, saying (via Pitchfork), “The song has a whole new meaning to it now. Looking back and reflecting on how far we’ve come since those early days when we were broke and didn’t have a clue what we were doing or where we were going!”

Listen to the track above and let us know: Did you enjoy "First Time"? Are you hoping to hear it live this summer, while Icona Pop is on tour with One Direction? Do you think Louis Tomlinson will enlist members Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo as godmothers for his forthcoming child?

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