Icona Pop, the Swedish electropop duo who are slated to open for One Direction on tour this summer, just released the video for their bouncy new single "Emergency" this morning (June 17).  The clip proves that even if you show up in a gurney, you can still be the life of the party!

In the visual — which finds Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo explosively motioning to a close-up camera, a la Missy Elliott's "The Rain" — the ladies free themselves from a pair of restrictive body bags and proceed to cut a rug like they're campaigning for bids on the next "Dancing with the Stars" season. The tone is frantic, the video's frame is narrowed to an Instagram-sized square and the outfits are shiny enough to leave you blind, but the bottom line? It'll get you up and moving in a minute flat.

"I put a little twist in my hips (here we go) / Kiss on my lips (here we go) / Ice on my wrist ‘cause I'm hot and I'm dancing (here we go)," Icona Pop warns between takes that feature fist-pumping, light-up jewelry and...severed heads. If this is the afterlife, at least we know death won't mean the end of a good time.

(Oh, and those no-smoking glasses? Yeah, where can we get a pair of those...by this weekend...?)

Into the "Emergency" treatment? Take a look, and be sure to catch these two on the On the Road Again tour starting July 9 in San Diego!


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