Kesha's case against producer Lukasz "Dr. Luke" Gottwald met another discouraging ruling this week, and Iggy Azalea's Digital Distortion promo's been all but overshadowed by fiancé Nick Young's cheating scandal. But let the above photo assure you that both artists are literally leaping over recent stumbling blocks on four legs each, horseback riding through adversity together (???).

"Me and the very funny @KeshaRose on defender and biz," Iggy tweeted early Thursday morning (April 7). The Australian expat picked up a passion for that equestrian life back in 2014, when she declared her intention to "ride a horse well and play the piano in 2015." She's collected and learned to ride them since, and Iggy apparently invited Ms. Sebert over for a classic trot 'n chat. Sure!

Both Iggy and Kesha boast some famous pals — Demi Lovato and Lady Gaga among them, respectively — and now the seemingly loner-ish "Team" rapper ("Baby I got me / and that's all I need", party of one) has added another famous friend to her circle. And it's nice to see Kesha enjoying herself, even as we pray for a DIY non-Sony mixtape to materialize from the "TiK ToK" singer. But I've got questions.

  1. Was their hang sparked by Iggy's semi-tentative "I'm not accusing anyone of anything" tweet of support for Kesha back in February? Who called who?
  2. Is Kesha's Iggy Pop shirt a pointed reminder of who her *true favorite Iggy is, or just a reminder to the world that their "Dirty Love" collab exists?
  3. Did Iggy give Kesha the horse that she thought "might have Lymes"?
  4. How are Iggy's piano lessons going, anyway?
  5. What did they talk about? Music? Judgmental Twitter mentions? Kesha's recent appearance on Lifetime Movie Network's The Haunting Of... ghost stories show? Which one of them is a better rapper (Kesha, possibly)?

More mysteries than answers, but those horses are pretty cute.

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