Katy Perry and John Mayer split only weeks ago, with the singer declaring that her fans are her boyfriends. Has she already moved on with a rapper?

According to him, she is, but it appears to be a bit of a PR stunt on his part. Also, the Internets would like you to think so based on a week-old photo.

A week ago, rapper Riff Raff posted a pic of himself and Perry, writing: "ON A DATE WiTH KATY PERRY SHE iS PURDY." Perry also posted the pic, calling it a "TBT" even though she is rocking her current bob-with-bangs hairdo. She posted: "TBT to when I went on a date with Riff Raff aka@jodyhighroller also, regram!"

Raff also spoke to TMZ, saying that he and Perry were at a Skrillex party and enjoyed bowling, sushi and drinks on their "average date situation" and that he hopes to squire the 'Dark Horse' singer about town again when she returns from Belgium. "Who knows where things might go, let's see where things lead to," he said.

The only thing that seems fact-based there is that they both attended a Skrillex party and posed for a photo. Those things do not equal a date or relationship.

Raff also said that they are doing a song and they only went on one date, but they are still talking. He says all of that while a bikini-clad babe on his arm. So we picked up what he put down.

Now the web is alight with stories about Perry's new BF, whom James Franco reportedly modeled his 'Spring Breakers' character after.

This all seems super playful to us and perhaps a ploy for publicity on Raff's part. We're not ready to sound the "New Couple!!!" alarm yet, you guys.

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