Quick! Grab a hair brush and get ready to go absolutely and utterly wild in front of your full-length mirror when you take a listen to iVictorious' single, 'Leave It All to Shine.' You will be compelled to sing along with Miranda Cosgrove and Victoria Justice as you host a pretend concert in your bedroom, thanks to this infectious little ditty.

Summer is the perfect time for a mash-up such as this 'iCarly' / 'Victorious' TV cross-pollination, which is somewhat cleverly and somewhat obviously dubbed 'iVictorious!' The single features two of the biggest Nickelodeon stars, and it's literally a television tune, since cast members of both shows lend their honeyed voices to one song. It's almost too much cuteness for two minutes.

The girls trade verses, singing their theme songs and engaging in a little empowered teen vocal interplay. It's a bouncy, shiny, happy song with harmonies so sugary they will give you a mouthful of cavities in an instant. 'Leave It All to Shine' is the type of confectionery song that you hear playing at a clothing store in a suburban mall, and it's so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed that you can't help but want to sing and dance along. Unless, of course, you are a no-fun ogre.

The lyrics -- a blend of the two shows' intros -- are the stuff that teens will be inspired to scrawl on their journals and/or school notebooks, with positive phrases like "Live life / Breathe air / I know somehow we're gonna get there / And feel so wonderful," from the 'iCarly' theme. 'Leave It All to Shine' is G-rated, but what did you expect?

Most cynical adults won't be cranking this from their stereo speakers, but if you've got a tween in your life, especially of the female sort, she will be grabbing that comb and singing her butt off in front of any mirror in her house.

The song will make its TV debut on the 'iParty with Victorious' blended episode, which airs June 11. If you can't hold tight until then, you can check out a sneak peek clip here.


Listen to iVictorious feat. Miranda Cosgrove and Victoria Justice, 'Leave It All to Shine'