Sultry singer Ivy Levan is a knockout. With a massive suicide roll perched atop her head and a slick of crimson on her lips, she is a throwback from an era long gone and much-missed.

This chanteuse proved she's a staggering talent beyond her image when she opened her mouth and sang an acoustic rendition of her song 'Hot Damn' at the Cherrytree House, which PopCrush is thrilled to exclusively premiere.

You'll find yourself saying, "Hot dayum!" after listening to the 26-year-old's lovely, rich vocals and after absorbing her vintage vibe.

Levan has got that old Hollywood dame image down pat, but she backs it up with her soulful voice. She names Stevie Nicks as her inspiration when it comes to songwriting. “I just try to write honestly about what’s going on in my life,” she's stated.

We have a feeling we're going to be hearing quite a bit from Ivy Levan in the next 12 months. She's one to watch. Notice her cute little gestures after she wraps her perf. So adorbs.

Grab Levan's four-track 'Introducing The Dame' EP -- which the singer dubs as a mix of “swamp hop” and “punk-rock Motown' -- on iTunes here.

And if you want to see more exclusive, intimate artist performances at the Cherrytree House, then go here.

But for now, give your undivided attention to Ivy Levan. She so deserves it.